The old wine estate, which was founded in the year 1900 by Bernardo Martínez, Alejandro Martínez Rosell’s grandfather, was about to be demolished, but finally recovered in 1999.

At Cavas Rosell Boher, we continue the family tradition of making sparkling wines, with the aim of achieving the best product of Argentina. For this purpose, we rely on top-quality grapes grown in our owned vineyards in Uco Valley, one of the best areas of Menodza, at 1,300 metres above sea level.

Not only does the champagne method or méthode traditionnelle, a slow process at low temperature, offer a bouquet, fine bubbles and an aged product, but it also makes Rosell Boher sparklings a unique expression.

The different base wines obtained from a diversity of clones allow us a careful and detailed selection, aiming at finding the desired complexity in the final blend or “cuvée”.

Our limited production guarantees the necessary skills required for this craftsmanship.


There are records of the Rosells and the Bohers coming from the Rosell Villa of Vinaroz, in the region of Ampurdán, in the province of Gerona, Spain dating from the 10th century. It is also known, that due to troop raids of Almanzor in the year 985, they had been forced to leave the village.

Although the Arab conquest lasted almost eight centuries, in the North and in the Pyrenees, freedom took place, around the 1,200’s, as a consequence of the treaty with the kingdom of Aragón.

For various centuries, random news about the wine activity of the Rosells and the Bohers in Catalunya have been traced. In 1897, the marriage between Don Pedro Rosell & Mir and Doña Rita Boher & Carabassa, a family with a long tradition in winemaking, travelled to Mendoza leaving San Salvador de Toló.

Fifteen years earlier, in 1882, Encarnación Rosell Boher, daughter of Don Pedro and Doña Rita, was born in Spain. Once the family was established in Mendoza, she married Bernando Martínez in 1899. The following year, in 1900, they both set up the winery, where Cavas Rosell Boher is now located. Alejandro Martínez Rosell is the direct descendant of this family line and heir to the estate.

Along with another great master in oenology, Cazenave, they invented and designed instruments and devices that have been later used in the winemaking industry. Moreover, Don Bernardo Martínez has successfully held this wine business leaving to his son the legacy of his expertise.


From our owned vineyard situated in Los Árboles, Tupungato, at 1,300 metres above sea level, we obtain another of our key factor: grapes with fruity aromas, freshness and acidity.

For our sprakling wines, we especially use seven clones of Chardonnay and four clones of Pinot Noir, of more than ten years old, which are grown in a relativey cold area ensuring slow ripeness. The yield of this vineyard is limited by means of balanced prunning and control of irrigation.

From this vineyard, three other grape varieties are also grown: Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Sauvignon Blanc, which are used to make our still wines. Our Malbec, instead, is produced from grapes coming from our vineyard situated in Alto Agrelo, Luján de Cuyo, which is one of the best regions in the world for the growing of this grape variety, at an altitude of 1,200 metres above sea level.

The secret of our grapes with fruity aromas, freshness and acidity.